Update #2 05/28/2009

Well, I said I would update after I finished Route 3 and 4.  I have done quite a bit since then.  I have done the maps and they will follow.  I have also done Route 22.  I have also implemented the Pokebag.  The Pokebag is what replaces the PC storage system.  It fully works and can be seen on the video page.

Game update 05/24/2009

So far I have made the maps for Pallet, Viridian Farm, Viridian Forest, Pewter Mines, Saffron City and Route 1 & 2.  Unfinished but started is Cerulean Port.  The time based events have been tested as have the daily events.

Will be working on finishing Cerulean Port, adding Route 3 and 4 and Mt. Moon before I update next time.