Not too much to talk about.  I have changed the screenshots section.  I have moved the maps onto their own page and put in game shots on the screenshot page.  Nothing really added to the games.  There is however a new addition to this project.  InMooseWeTrust from PokeCommunity has joined the team.  He will focus on concept design and planning.  I will need to start trying recruit people for graphical work.  I want to add new trainer designs into the game but am not the best at spriting.  I will be requesting help for these parts.  That turned out to be a bit to talk about, huh.

Game update 06/12/2009

I have manged to get the difficulty settings fully introduced.  The trainers took me a while to figure out because the way the notes for the starter kit tells you how to script a battle wouldn't work.  They had to be programmed without the comment system.  I am hoping to get a demo of this game ready by the end of July.  I have implemented a system that recognizes months so I can set monthly events as well as days and times.  I have put a hold on creating maps so I can get the demo ready as it will stop after the first gang leader battle and I have all the maps created up till there.

Game update 06/03/2009

I haven't done too much to the game since my last update.  I have added a few more map's and started to change the inbattle graphics.  I have decided to rip the Pokemon from Pokemon Stadium.  I also decided to add a difficulty system to the game.  This will affect how hard trainers are, how many you will battle and the level of wild Pokemon.